Interculturalism & Global Exploration

Southern New Hampshire University and Education First have partnered together to create a self-paced, choice-based undergraduate learning experience for travelers on EF Tours. Interculturalism & Global Exploration allows students to enhance their tour education by applying their experiences to this innovative and experiential course. It supports students in thinking more deeply about their time abroad, how they have grown as individuals and global citizens, and builds the confidence that comes with completing a college level course.

Please contact EF directly at 1-800-665-5364 for more information.

We are not accepting registrations for this program at this time.  


*For All EF Travelers*

  • You can now take the PDHU 480D Interculturalism and Global Exploration course and earn your credits using a personal travel experience from the last year or two—domestic or international
  • Together with EF, we provided a flexible credit option for any student who has been impacted by a canceled tour or deferred their travel to a later date. 
  • Even if you rescheduled your EF tour to next summer, join us for your course this year. You can even consider taking a course with us again next year to further build your college-readiness!
  • We look forward to 'seeing' you in the course. Sharing your perceptions of how travel has impacted you, and thinking about how you see yourself in the world around you, is an important tool for building global competence. We can't wait to hear about it!


Dig deeper into your time abroad and gain a great sense of your experience abroad through a series of reflective and research related activities.




Gain a sense of what a fully online learning experience is like at the undergraduate level and prepare to further your education beyond high school.


Think more deeply about your connection to others as a global citizen and how your experience in your EF Tour has activated change in you and your thinking.


Overview: This course promotes and develops global awareness, perspectives, and connectedness to increase your overall global competence. It’s a perfect way to add value to your EF travel experience and complete a college-level course for credit. Throughout the course you’ll complete experiential activities that focus on asking and answering questions about (1) your own global awareness, (2) the parts of the world that you’re traveling to, and (3) the connections you have with our entire world. A unique course structure allows you to choose how you challenge yourself to learn and explore the cultures, geographies, and interconnectedness of the world. The course’s interdisciplinary structure lets you investigate topics related to business, education, government and political science, and many physical and social sciences. This specialized learning opportunity is only available to students traveling with EF Educational Tours or EF Explore America.

Course Registration Deadline: Students will decide to start their course in one of our SNHU terms that takes place while they are traveling, or after they return home. The course is intentionally designed to accommodate either option, but they cannot select a term that ends before they travel with EF.

Course Length: 8 Weeks

Course Credits: 3 accredited undergraduate credits from Southern New Hampshire University

Course Tuition Cost: $215.00 for the entire course. *There are no refunds for this course.

Come tour with EF!

Step 1

Complete a Course Eligibility Form

To register for this course you must submit a Course Eligibility Form signed by yourself and your parent/guardian. You may submit either a scanned copy of the signed document or a picture.

Step 2

Complete the SNHU Course Registration HERE

When you are ready to register for this course, be sure to have the following information available:

  • Your EF Customer Number
  • Your Travel Dates
  • Personal information, including home address and Social Security Number (required to register for a university course)
  • A scanned copy or digital photo of your signed Course Eligibility Form
  • Credit card information

Once you have this information, complete the Course Registration


Step 3

Pay For The Course

Once you submit your course registration, you will be brought to the SNHU payment page where you can complete the $215 tuition fee with your credit card. For group payments (school district or otherwise) please contact efcredit@snhu.edu for more information. 


Step 4

Watch Your Email for Course Access Information

Once you have registered and paid, university staff will process your information and enroll you in the course. You will then receive an automated email confirmation of your registration. Your course start date is dependent on the term you select on the registration page. You will receive all course access information before your course begins. 


You will be expected to…

  • complete tasks that require time and attention based on your travel experience
  • use independent learning skills to understand course tasks and demonstrate your learning
  • use what you learn and experience during your travel to expand your thinking about yourself and the world
  • participate in and complete this college-level course

You are going to participate in this class with SNHU-approved instructors who will challenge your thinking and help you succeed. Every instructor has a particular passion for teaching, learning, and global travel. 

Yes, you will earn three college credits from Southern New Hampshire University when you successfully complete the course. You may request an official transcript to submit these credits to another university or college. Because the receiving institution ultimately decides whether to accept the credits, we encourage you to talk about the potential transfer process with your prospective school(s). Generally, credit earned at SNHU is accepted by all universities and colleges, but there is no guarantee and this decision is always up to the receiving institution. 

The course is designed for students to be enrolled either during their travel with EF or to be completed after they return from their EF tour.  Individuals can sign up for the course up to 6 months after their return.

The dates below are the terms currently available for the course.  If you are traveling later than the dates you see below, need not to worry.  Just contact us at efcredit@snhu.edu and let us know your situation!

Available Terms:

Term Title: 20DY03
Term Dates: January 14, 2020 - March 6, 2020

Term Title: 20DY04
Term Dates: March 9, 2020 - May 1, 2020

Term Title: 20DY05
Term Dates: May 11, 2020 - July 2, 2020

Term Title: 20DY06
Term Dates: July 6, 2020 - August 28, 2020

Term Title: 20DY01
Term Dates: September 1, 2020 - October 23, 2020


This course is designed to be choice-based and allow flexible pathways to demonstrate your learning. 

The course is two-fold.  You'll initially complete "Interest Activities". These are a blend of reflective and research type activities. You'll select 15 of 30 different Interest Activities to complete. 

To complete the course, an "Inspired Project" must be submitted.  There are three different types to select from (Inspire to Share, Inspire to Change, or Inspire to Activate).  This project is a synthesis of your entire experience and focuses on how you and your thinking have grown as a result of being part of the EF Tour.