Idioma Graduate Course Credit Information

SNHU Transferable Graduate Credit Information

Thank you for choosing Southern New Hampshire University's Division of Special Programs and Advanced Study. Please note that the course title(s) in which you are registered with at Idioma Education & Consulting may be abbreviated when ordering a SNHU transcript. All Idioma Education and Consulting courses are taught in their target language (i.e. Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, German and Mandarin).


SNHU Course Codes for Idioma Education & Consulting

PDLL - Education - Languages and Linguistics

PDGC - Education - Global Competence

PDTM - Education - Modern Teaching Methods

PDED - Education - General Topics

PDSP - Education - Special Education

PDMA - Education - Mathematics

Transferable Graduate Credit

The transferable graduate credit option at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) lets you transfer college credit to the university or matriculating degree program of your choosing. This credit is generally accepted at all accredited universities, pending its approval. You will have the option of an official university grade that’s accessible through an easy to use transcript that follows the accrediting guidelines of the New England Commission on Higher Education (NECHE). Once your form has been completed with SNHU and payment has been confirmed by your Professional Development provider, you will receive information about accessing your official university transcript.

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Course Offerings


  • PDLL 502ID Advanced Spanish Grammar for K-12 Educators - 3 credits

  • PDLL 540ID Art and Architecture of the Spanish Speaking World: Latin America - 3 credits

  • PDLL 528ID Masterpieces of the Hispanic Short Story: Teaching Prose in the Spanish Classroom - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 529ID Masterpieces of Hispanic Theater - 3 credits

  • PDLL 534ID Isabel Allende: Personal History & Creative Process- 3 credits

  • PDLL 531ID Love in the Time of War: The Time in Between (Entre Costuras) - 3 credits

  • PDLL 515ID Spanish Speaking World Through Film - 3 credits

  • PDLL 530ID The Making of Cultural Myths: Using Animated Films to Teach Spanish - 3 credits

  • PDLL 511ID Descubre Cuba - 1 credit 

  • PDLL 509ID Descubre Puerto Rico - 1 credit

  • PDLL 510ID Descubre Argentina - 1 credit

  • PDLL 527ID Spanish Writing Seminar: Using Global Themes to Enhance Written Presentational Communication - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 504ID Latin American Rhythm & Beat: Music in the Spanish Classroom - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 517ID Masterpieces of Hispanic Poetry: Teaching Literature in the Pre-AP and AP Spanish Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 522ID Teaching Spanish Grammar as a Concept in Context - 3 credits

  • PDLL 520ID Novice-level Novels to Enhance Communication in the Spanish Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 548ID Let Us In! Incorporating Afro-Latinx/ Black Diaspora Culture and Themes into the Curriculum - 3 credits

  • PDLL 549ID Borderlands: Stories about “Us” vs. “Them” and all of U.S. - 3 credits

  • PDLL 553ID Exploring the World of Don Quijote: Imagination and Creativity Come Alive! - 3 credits



  • PDLL 524ID Brazilian Culture & Language Through Lyrics & Music - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 550ID Brazil: A Culinary & Cultural Journey - 3 credits



  • PDLL 500ID Advanced French Grammar for K-12 Educators - 3 credits

  • PDLL 533ID L’Afrique, le Moyen-Orient et la France - 3 credits

  • PDLL 537ID Film-based Activities to Engage and Motivate French Students - 3 credits

  • PDLL 536ID Film in the French Classroom: Using Global Themes to Enhance Student Proficiency - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 516ID Integrating the Arts Through Authentic Resources in the French Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 505ID Impressionism and the Impressionists - 3 credits

  • PDLL 521ID Novice-level Novels to Enhance Communication in the French Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 544ID Teaching French Grammar As A Concept and In Context - 3 credits



  • PDLL 535ID From Classic Stories to the Big Screen: Using Animated Film to Teach Italian - 3 credits

  • PDLL 501ID Advanced Italian Grammar for K-12 Educators - 3 credits

  • PDLL 519ID Understanding Italy Today Through Mazoni & Tamaro - 3 credits

  • PDLL 503ID Italian Opera and Culture: Puccini, Rossini and Verdi - 3 credits



  • PDLL 518ID From Epigram to Epic: Teaching Poetry in the Latin Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 539ID Come, See and Conquer: Teaching Caesar in the Latin Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 543ID Fortune Favors the Bold: Teaching Vergil in the Latin Classroom - 3 credits


  • PDLL 523ID Using Web Tools for Formative and Summative Assessments in the Mandarin Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 551ID Developing Chinese Language Skills: Innovative Strategies for Guiding Student Proficiency - 3 credits


Methodology & Pedagogy

*The below courses are conducted in English

  • PDGC 500ID Learning Beyond the Classroom: Travel Course - 3 credits

  • PDLL 512ID The 5 Cs and the 3 Communication Modes of Language Learning: Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy for 21st Century Learners - 3 credits 

  • PDLL 526ID Spiral it up: Map Your World Language Program Based on Advanced Placement Themes - 3 credits

  • PDLL 507ID Gender Identity in World Language Classrooms - 1 credit

  • PDLL 525ID Teaching World Languages Through the Lens of Social Justice - 3 credits

  • PDLL 514ID Using Digital Tools to Transform Student Learning In the World Languages Classroom - 3 credits

  • PDLL 538ID Cultural Integration in the World Language Classroom: The Role of Intercultural Communicative Competency in 21st Century Language Learning - 3 credits

  • PDLL 532ID Leading the Charge: Designing & Sustaining Standards-based World Language Programs - 3 credits

  • PDLL 552ID Back at the Core of It II!  Exploring More High Leverage Teaching Practices for Instructional Success and Proficiency Development - 3 credits


General Education

*The below courses are conducted in English

  • PDLL 508ID Classroom Success for English Language Learners - 1 credit

  • PDTM 500ID Differentiated Instruction - 1 credit

  • PDLL 513ID Assessing Students in the World Languages Classroom: Using Integrated Performance Assessment to Develop Student Proficiency - 3 credits

  • PDLL 506ID Linguistics for Teachers of ELL/ESL Students - 3 credits

  • PDTM 501ID Opportunity and Access: Strategies to Support Exceptional Students - 3 credits

  • PDTM 502ID Suddenly, Virtual: Transitioning to Effective Online Teaching - 3 credits

  • PDED 501ID Classroom Assessment - 3 credits

  • PDED 502ID Classroom and Behavior Management for Elementary School Teachers (including Moderate Disabilities Pk-8) - 3 credits

  • PDSP 501ID IEP Development for the Special Education Teacher - 3 credits

  • PDED 503ID Methods and Materials for Differentiated Instruction - 3 credits

  • PDED 504ID Classroom and Behavior Management for Middle and High School Teachers (including Moderate Disabilities 5-12) - 3 credits



*The below courses are conducted in English

  • PDMA 501ID Middle & Secondary School Methods in Mathematics Education - 3 credit
  • PDMA 502ID Strategies and Techniques for the Mathematics Classroom: Middle and Secondary - 3 credits