Advance Your Professional Practice As A Project Based Teacher

Southern New Hampshire University is proud to partner with PBLWorks to provide a professional learning experience for those eager to elevate their professional teaching practices.  Together, we are excited to provide two graduate-level accredited courses:  

These one-credit graduate level courses that will support you in developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to begin transforming and aligning your practice to project based teaching. You'll learn alongside fellow educators and collaborate within our online learning environment as PBLWorks National Faculty support you through a series of Learning Modules to help transform you into a Project Based Teacher.

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Succeed As A Project Based Teacher

Through these course experiences you'll develop a foundation for shifting your practice and creating rich, engaging project-based learning environments. During your course experiences you will be engaging with National Faculty and focus on different key areas of Project Based teaching:

    • Designing & Planning: Focusing on the 7 Essential Project Design Elements for Gold Standard PBL sets the stage for high-quality learning experiences for your students.
    • Aligning to Standards: By aligning to learning goals that are important and appropriate for PBL, you ensure academic rigor.

    • Managing Activities: Build your project management tool kit and experience what it’s like to interview a content expert.

    • Scaffolding Student Learning: Ensure that all students can succeed with PBL by planning for appropriate support.

    • Assess Student Learning: Apply assessment strategies to keep learning on track from start to finish of projects.

    • Engaging and Coaching: Fine-tune your strategies for engaging and coaching students by focusing on your “teacher moves” at the beginning, middle, and end of projects. 

Course Details

The one-credit graduate level professional learning experiences are designed by experts from PBLWorks and accredited by Southern New Hampshire University. These fully online 8-week courses include both synchronous and asynchronous learning sessions.  Highly-qualified PBLWorks National Faculty will be facilitating these collaborative learning experiences that focus on Project Based Teaching Practices for Gold Standard PBL and Essential Project Design Elements for Gold Standard PBL.

Explore more details about each course below or feel free to request more information from our team!


Introduction to Project Based Learning: Becoming a Project Based Teacher introduces participants to the best teaching practice for PBL and guides them to make shifts in their existing teaching practice. The course introduces participants to best instructional practices for Project Based Learning and guides them to make shifts in their teaching. Eight modules (3 synchronous; 5 asynchronous) include both self-directed and collaborative learning activities designed to model the PBL experience. A variety of media and interactive features are incorporated. Participants will have the option of participating in additional discussion led by the course facilitator and other participants during office hours. Participants produce a final product that demonstrates their learning and supports a shift in their teaching practice to enable high-quality PBL for their students.

Logistical Course Details:

  • Course Dates: January 25, 2020 to March 22, 2020
  • SNHU Course Code: EDTS 500PW - Becoming a Project Based Teacher
  • Credits: 1 graduate level credit

Registration for graduate credit is offered at the start of your course experience.

Adapting Your First PBL Project is a course designed to help anyone along their Project Based Learning (PBL) journey learn how to take an existing Gold Standard project (examples provided) and adapt it for their own use. Participants will learn how the Essential Design Elements for Gold Standard PBL lead to meaningful learning for students. They will also learn how to anticipate challenges and meet them successfully through a set of practical strategies and tools. A particular focus of this course is how PBL is a means to promote racial equity within education.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn/review the "what" and "why" of PBL, apply the Gold Standard Project Design Elements as they adapt an existing project, learn how to meet the specific challenges within their learning environment through PBL, and understand how standards and success skills are assessed within PBL.

Logistical Course Details:

  • Course Dates: January 25, 2021 to March 22, 2021
  • SNHU Course Code: EDTS 501PW - Adapting First PBL Project
  • Credits: 1 graduate level credit

Registration for graduate credit is offered at the start of your course experience.


Tuition Details

The tuition cost for this graduate-level professional learning experience is $120.00.  This tuition cost is in addition to the cost of the course experience.  Once registered, you'll have access to your mySNHU portal account - giving you the opportunity to utilize SNHU resources, download/review your grade reports, and order official university transcripts. Sign up today for Introduction to Project Based Learning or Adapting Your First PBL Project at the PBLWorks Online Courses!


University Accreditation

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE) as well as several other accrediting bodies.


Designed in collaboration between Southern New Hampshire University & PBLWorks