You can take an SNHU Graduate-level Course that goes with your EF Tour

*UPDATE for all EF Travelers*

  • You can now take the PDHU 598D Leading Global Discussions graduate course and earn your credits using a personal or professional travel experience from the last year or two—domestic or international
  • Together with EF, we provided a flexible credit option for any teacher who has been impacted by a canceled tour or deferred their travel to a later date. 
  • Even if you rescheduled your EF tour to next summer, join us for your professional learning course this year. You can even consider taking a course with us again next year to further add to your graduate credit profile!
  • We look forward to 'seeing' you in the course. Reflecting upon how your perceptions of how travel have impacted your experience as an educator can be a powerful tool for implementing long-term change in your classroom. 
The Leading Global Discussions course creates a way for educators, administrators, and community leaders to develop lasting and applicable global competency skills. You will implement professional level and experiential learning and research to create change in your classrooms and/or communities. You will focus on the importance of self-reflection in diverse global settings, while creating plans to improve professional practice and community relations. EF and SNHU recognize the need to help establish educational and social change for students and community members seeking global solutions in an ever-changing diverse world. By taking a graduate-level course with your EF Tour, you will generously add to your travel experience. And, depending on the type of learning experience you want to have, you can choose a three-credit or a six-credit learning experience. Both versions of the course extend your global learning opportunities, including exploring a topic that is interesting to you and giving you an opportunity to develop your own thinking and global competency. The six-credit version of the course invites you to do this with more depth.                                   SNHU



You will be expected to…
  • complete tasks that require time and attention based on your travel experience
  • use independent learning skills to complete course activities and conduct your own inquiry
  • use what you learn and experience during your travel to expand your thinking about yourself and the world
  • synthesize your professional knowledge and experiences with your new learning to advance your professional practice
  • apply your learning to your professional practice



Who Will Be My Instructor? You are going to participate in this class with SNHU-approved instructors who have a particular passion for teaching, learning, and global travel. Instructors have a variety of experiences in the field of education, are committed to helping teachers develop their global competency as a way to advance professional practice, and desire to help others enhance their positive impact for the world. They will work with you throughout the course as you successfully complete course requirements and develop your thinking, worldview, and professional practice.    


Do I Get University Credit? Yes. Once you successfully complete the course, you will earn SNHU graduate-level credit. You can either register for a 3-credit version of the course or a 6-credit version of the course. Once credit has been earned and posted to your student record, you will be able to request an official SNHU transcript that documents this credit.


How Do I Sign-up For This Course?

Course Registration Deadline: Students will decide to start their course in one of our SNHU terms that takes place while they are traveling, or after they return home. The course is intentionally designed to accommodate either option, but they cannot select a term that ends before they travel with EF. 

Course Length: 8 Weeks

Course Credits: 3 or 6 Graduate Credits

Course Tuition Cost: $285.00 (plus $8.83 processing fee) for three credits / $450.00 (plus $13.75 processing fee) for six credits

Course Syllabus: SIX Credit Syllabus THREE Credit Syllabus

Course Registration Process Once you have signed up for an EF Tour and have your customer number, you can proceed to register for the accompanying course. If you have any questions about the registration process and the steps below, please email and expect a reply within 24 hours. Here are the steps for enrolling in the course:

Step 1: Complete the SNHU Course Registration When you have decided you're ready to register for this course, you should have the following information ready:
  • Your EF Customer Number
  • Your Travel Dates
  • Personal information, including home address and Social Security Number (required to register for a university course)
  • Credit Card or PayPal account for payment. (Schools wishing to pay for groups of students should contact our SNHU office at

Once you have this information, you will be able to complete your Course Registration


Step 2: Pay For The Course As part of the course registration process, you will be given instructions for how to pay for the course. You will have the option to use your PayPal account, or your credit card through PayPal if you do not have a PayPal account.


Step 3: Watch Your Email for Course Access Information Once you have registered and paid, university staff will process your information and enroll you in the course. You will then receive an automated email confirmation of your registration to the email address provided in the registration form. You can expect to receive sign-in and course access information approximately one-two weeks before the start of the term, via email. 


Ready to Register?




Course Documents

Click here for our three credit course syllabus

Access our six credit course syllabus here